Essential oils for circulation

Blood pressure gauge in Doctors surgeryDating back centuries, many people have talked about the amazing virtues of the essential oils as having healing properties. Recent studies have shown what some people have already known for over two centuries and that is the amazing benefits of an aromatherapy massage.

A recent study done in London by the Royal free and University College Medical School, used at group of independent reviewers to analyse the results of  aromatherapy massage on over 1300 reference studies. Those studies showed that short-term benefits were obtained on psychological well being, supporting the positive effects on anxiety. The also found that aromatherapy massage also helped reduce nausea and pain. There are some additional studies being conducted to determine if aromatherapy Boost the effects of massage done with the essential oils.

Transparent male human body showing internal organsVarious Types of Oils Used

Basically, a distillation process extracting them from flowers, plants, woods and herbs obtains the essential oils used in the aromatherapy massage. These oils are all part of the plants biological makeup, as well as giving them their own unique to scent. Over the centuries and through many trials and errors, people eventually found out which oils worked best for treating certain ailments.

For example, anyone with aches and pains would benefit or from a mixture of black pepper, rosemary, fir, lavender and marjoram with their aromatherapy massage. Tendonitis can be massaged with the compound of lavender, peppermint and rosemary. Anyone with sunburn can find relief by using chamomile, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus.

People have been using massage therapy for very long time for relaxation and stimulation. Incorporating essential oils into the massage enhances the benefits even more. There are great benefits from simply inhaling the fragrances, however, in aromatherapy massage; the benefits are even greater when the oils are massaged into the skin. With a good aromatherapy massage, the patient benefits from the oils, the massage and the scent.

If a person has poor circulation, they can enhance their circulation by using a combination of black pepper, carrot seed, Sage, lemon and thyme along with a good massage. This form of aromatherapy massage will definitely help with poor circulation.

For babies with stomach-aches, try applying a mixture of dill and geranium. For any women having problems sleeping due to a pregnancy, try a light aromatherapy massage with Roman chamomile and lavender.

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