Best MLM Companies – How to Choose it!

2 women work with yellow labelsOnce you’ve made up your mind to enter an MLM company, you’ve got to make sure, firstly, that Multi Level Marketing is for you, and secondly, that you pick one of the best MLM companies.

If you are the connection-forming kind of character, and one who would freely leave the guarantee of an 8 hour/day job and of a constant income, only to be able to institute your own schedule and pay (with the suitable efforts and aptitudes, obviously), then an MLM opportunity would almost certainly suit you well.

The best MLM business? In my opinion, such thing doesn’t exist. But there is such thing as a company that would assist you in order to make the best of your efforts, and this is the kind of organization you should be seeking for. There are some of them, so if anybody gives you the “MY company is the only one” speech, don’t let yourself draw in.

There are things your success depends on that are only related to the MLM organization you choose. Let’s take a quick look over them and over the matters you should ask yourself before signing up for any MLM company.

Man doing online shoppingTo begin with, the product: is there need for that product? Could it have millions of possible buyers? Does it offer value in exchange for that cost? Is it too expensive? (People wouldn’t buy expensive beauty products in times of crisis). Is it consumable? (This means recurring orders from clients).  And, essentially, does it have a monthly auto-ship program to make it work? All network marketing businesses that are authentic and authorized will have some type of monthly product ship and or membership plan.

I would propose the compensation plan in the second place, despite the fact that some persons may even look at it as coming first when choosing an MLM endeavor. Can you understand it? What are the conditions for you to get paid? Does it appeal to you? (Bear in mind that you need about the same effort to make known a $10 product as it does a $500 product). Do you have retail commissions? Does it contain residual income? Do you receive commissions for bringing in new distributors? What about the override income on your team’s sales? If you dislike risks, then it’s possible that you have a preference for the Get-Paid-Today model (direct pay at the moment of sale).

Then, and only afterward, make sure you look at the company itself: Does the company have good leaders at the top managing it, with MLM achievement experience in the past?  The product should be something that is unique and, even better, that has zero competition. If it is not exclusive, it should be above the others. I also think that if you consider getting involved with a “me too” product, one that is not exclusive, then you should only get involved if the organization has at least 3 years of market experience. If it does, then it should have shown some advance already; go ask good old Google, for example – what does the internet know about it?

Mid adult man with apps and lights coming from smartphoneA good retention rate (over 50 %) is something to look at, and even a low beginning price is good to have, but most valuable of all, you need to consider your possible support system. In the absence of it, you’ll be making no income, no matter how competent the company, the product and the compensation plan are. Does your upline in the company assist you, do they react to your inquiries punctually and successfully? Can they teach you internet network marketing skills? Can they help you put together your own website and, most significantly, drive traffic to it? Can they show you how to use online social networks to market your products? Talking to your family and friends isn’t going to be enough to sustain your business long-term, you need the potential of the internet to connect with people all over the country and around the earth in order to form a stable, lasting team. A good internet marketing strategy can give you the power to get to a 3 or 4 figure income within months. If you haven’t encountered a skilled leader, you’d better look for one, as irrespective of the MLM company you opt for, the training you have and the system you use are of central importance. And these depend on you, not on your organization.

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