How to make money with Doterra

One question that many people have asked me a lot before they join Doterra and that is “Can you make money selling Doterra?”

How to make money with DoterraIt’s not such a stupid question, because no-one would start a job even a freelance job without knowing how much they are expected to earn from their time and effort. My wife is a real estate agent and for sure she understands how her earnings are calculated such as the percentage she will be receiving from the sale of the property, and if there are any extras she will earn on top of the deal, so of course someone who wants to join Doterra wants to know the full details of how to make money with Doterra .

How much can you make selling Doterra?

In this article, I am not going to go through 2 main ways that answer the question, “Can you make money selling Doterra” , I am going to try to example simply where the money comes from and what forums or tools will be useful to make money from your Doterra business and a indication on how much can you make selling Doterra .

Firstly, how to make money with Doterra is directly selling to the customer. It is a great way to make instant cash simply by buying wholesale price and selling at retail price, this is a concept we all understand. However, there is also another way of selling directly to the customer rather than passing products psychically to the customer through your free Doterra webshop, in this case the customer can buy independently and become a Preferred customer. If a distributor is working hard at selling the products in this way he or she can make a good living by doing party plan, health and wellness shows, county fairs and so on.

The second way of making money from Doterra is building your own team of distributors and teaching them to do what you do, but many of you are asking, “Who do I speak to about starting their own home based business?”

The only real and truthful answer is:

Speak to people you know and people you don’t know

How much can you make selling DoterraHow you achieve that first contact is a different question. There is a definite fear of asking someone to start their own business, but pushing through that wall does become easier the more you do it and the more success you have.  There is no easy way, but the internet has change a lot of thing which were done by hand only a few years ago, such as an auto-reply system on your website or affordable advertising online, but to keep things simple, if you are a child of the internet then blog marketing or article marketing is a great and cheap way of building a team however if you are not, then chatting to you customer when you do your Doterra parties and handing out business cards is a very effective way of building a great sales team. Both of these methods will create wealth and a very good passive income.

Of course the Doterra business plan is a little more in depth than I have shown in this article, but I have just tried to show how to make money with Doterra , however, in addition to the simple process of selling the products and creating a team you have the benefit that Doterra essential oils are of a high quality and the business plan is simple and easy to understand which means you have a highly sell-able combination which will surely make you money.

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