Is there any truth about Myrrh oil uses and benefits?

Myrrh essential oil benefits are many and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints.

Commiphora myrrha is a small to medium tree growing up to 5 metres high. It is a tree with very few leaves, often looking deciduous or dead from a distance. It bears small white flowers.

The tree can be found in Somalia, Arabia and Yemen. Historically, the Egyptians and the Chinese have enjoyed myrrh essential oil benefits. The Egyptians used Myrrh in the Mummification process and for religious rituals. The Chinese were more daring in the use of Myrrh. Almost all spectrums and of disease and health related problems involved Myrrh Essential Oil in the healing process.

How to use myrrh essential oil

It is believed Oil of Myrrh has been traded through the Middle East since at least 1500 BC. It is interesting to note that the name myrrh comes from the Greek word closely associated with the word ‘perfume’.

The heart, liver and spleen were commonly treated with Myrrh. Menopause and Uterine Tumours were considered treatable with it.

A gum resin runs from the tree when the bark is cut. The resin is a pale yellow liquid when fresh and dries into reddish-brown seed like lumps resembling gravel or rocks. The myrrh essential oil  comes from steam distillation of the resin lumps of myrrh.

Myrrh oil uses

Myrrh oil uses are broad. It can be added to creams or lotions, Used as a Mouthwash, blended with other oils in a quality organic massage oil base and used in burners or vaporizers.

In the treatment of coughs and colds, myrrh benefits works as an expectorant to release and clear mucous in the lungs. It may also provide relief from sore throats, bronchitis and coughs associated with colds.

Used as a mouthwash, myrrh essential oil benefits in the relief of symptoms of gingivitis, mouth ulcers and gum disorders.

Much relief can be gained when Myrrh oil on the skin to treat boils, skin ulcers, cracked skin and bedsores. It can also be used to treat ringworm, weeping wounds, athletes foot and eczema.

The benefits of Myrrh Oil also been used for relief of painful periods, toothache and for pains associated with childbirth.

Myrrh essential oil benefits

Precautions on how to use myrrh essential oil

are many and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints. Every individual is different. Some essential oils can be toxic. Some oils must never be ingested while others require limited exposure to the sun due to phototoxicity. Read the label and ask your supplier if you are in doubt of the safest use for any particular oil, not just the one in this article. Never use any Essential Oil internally without first seeking medical advice.

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