Is there any truth about Myrrh oil uses and benefits?

Myrrh essential oil benefits are many and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints.

Myrrh essential oil benefitsCommiphora myrrha is a small to medium tree growing up to 5 metres high. It is a tree with very few leaves, often looking deciduous or dead from a distance. It bears small white flowers.

The tree can be found in Somalia, Arabia and Yemen. Historically, the Egyptians and the Chinese have enjoyed myrrh essential oil benefits. The Egyptians used Myrrh in the Mummification process and for religious rituals. The Chinese were more daring in the use of Myrrh. Almost all spectrums and of disease and health related problems involved Myrrh Essential Oil in the healing process.

It is believed Oil of Myrrh has been traded through the Middle East since at least 1500 BC. It is interesting to note that the name myrrh comes from the Greek word closely associated with the word ‘perfume’.

The heart, liver and spleen were commonly treated with Myrrh. Menopause and Uterine Tumours were considered treatable with it.

A gum resin runs from the tree when the bark is cut. The resin is a pale yellow liquid when fresh and dries into reddish-brown seed like lumps resembling gravel or rocks. The myrrh essential oil  comes from steam distillation of the resin lumps of myrrh.

Myrrh oil uses

Myrrh oil usesMyrrh oil uses are broad. It can be added to creams or lotions, Used as a Mouthwash, blended with other oils in a quality organic massage oil base and used in burners or vaporizers.

In the treatment of coughs and colds, myrrh benefits works as an expectorant to release and clear mucous in the lungs. It may also provide relief from sore throats, bronchitis and coughs associated with colds.

Used as a mouthwash, myrrh essential oil benefits in the relief of symptoms of gingivitis, mouth ulcers and gum disorders.

Much relief can be gained when Myrrh oil on the skin to treat boils, skin ulcers, cracked skin and bedsores. It can also be used to treat ringworm, weeping wounds, athletes foot and eczema.

The benefits of Myrrh Oil also been used for relief of painful periods, toothache and for pains associated with childbirth.

Precautions on how to use myrrh essential oil

Myrrh oil usesMyrrh essential oil benefits are many and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints. Every individual is different. Some essential oils can be toxic. Some oils must never be ingested while others require limited exposure to the sun due to phototoxicity. Read the label and ask your supplier if you are in doubt of the safest use for any particular oil, not just the one in this article. Never use any Essential Oil internally without first seeking medical advice.

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Aromatherapy oils and their uses will change your life

Aromatherapy oils and their uses are for humans like engine oils for automobiles without it we just don’t run that well

Essential oils uses guideOils nourish the body and make the body healthy as these are rich in vitamins, proteins, and other raw materials which are essential to keep the body healthy. Oils must be the essential part of the diet otherwise health will suffered due to the deficiency of the essential oils. Below I have tried to explain the different uses in a essential oils uses guide in regards to essential oils and their uses and benefits which is one of the best essential oils companies on the market.

Most common types of oils and essential oils uses guide

Natural aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy oils and their usesNatural essential oils are the ones which are accomplished with the essences of the plants as these are procured from the plants different parts with natural process. Natural oils are the most original substances and have all the properties which make these of great use and importance. As these are procured from plants naturally so these are rich with the essences of the plants and nature and full of natural scents. Natural aromatherapy oils and their uses are seen in cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, and in other products to give the flavour to these products. They also have medicinal properties as well. These are widely used in the skin care products as these have the skin nourishing properties. All baby care products are full of natural essential as these make the skin of the child soft and glowing.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are widely known as the flavour oils which are artificially created as well as naturally extracted. Fragrance oils are seen in flavouring the products, in perfumes, cosmetics, and in aromatherapy. These are used in several products which we use in our daily life such as on silk flowers and plants, in freshener spray, in bath water, in plain lotion, and for many other purposes. Naturally extracted they are more desirable than the artificially created fragrance oil.

Spice Oils

Spice oils are mostly in food, cosmetics, perfumes, and in hygiene products like toothpastes and mouthwashes. These are blessed with the advantages as these give consistency to the food; these have very long shelf life, easier storage, make the food full flavoured and coloured. Without these the food loses its consistency, colour, and flavour and food does not seem worth eating.

Floral Waters

Floral waters are produced from the herbs, needles, leaves, stems, seeds of the plant. These waters are rich with the natural essence of the plants. These can be used in treatments of some minor infection problems like itching and sting as these have the medicinal properties. Floral waters are naturally extracted as well these are artificially created. Floral water made from synthetic compounds smell pretty but has no healing properties like natural floral waters have with the essences of the plants as these are procured from the plants(TM) different parts with natural process.

Natural aromatherapy oils and their uses are the most original oils

Essential oils and their uses and benefitsNatural aromatherapy oils and their uses are the most original oils and have all the properties which make these of great use and importance. As these are procured from plants naturally so these are rich with the essences of Oil for humans is like engine oil for auto-mobiles. Oils nourish the body and make the body healthy as these are rich in vitamins, proteins, and other raw materials which are essential to keep the body healthy. So, take note from the essential oils uses guide, they should be an essential part of your diet otherwise health will get suffered due to the deficiency of this element that is a lot essential.

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Have you got your free essential oils reference guide?

One key point of any aromatherapy oils guide is the fact that essential oils should be treated with respect and in the dark

Essential oils reference guideThey are damaged by ultraviolet light and deteriorate more rapidly at the blue end of the spectrum than the red. Therefore, the essential oils reference guide tells us we should be stored in amber-coloured bottles (if you do keep your essential oils in blue bottles then they should be kept in the dark – this is less important if your bottles are brown).

Never decant the oils into clear glass or plastic bottles. They should never be placed in direct sunlight, so avoid sunny windowsills or shelves on radiators – no matter how attractive the bottles look! The quick reference guide for using essential oils  tells us that essential oils do not like extremes of temperatures. They are highly volatile which means that they evaporate rapidly. Always replace the caps immediately and ensure that the tops are tightly closed when the oils are not in use.

Essential oils reference guide tells us that essential oils will last for approximately three years from the bottling date. In excellent storage conditions (i.e. amber bottles in a cool place with no air space) they will keep for about five years. Citrus oils tend to have a shorter shelf-life due to their high proportion of terpenes, as do absolutes and resins which thicken even more with age and the smell of the solvent becomes more noticeable.

Aromatherapy oils guideOnce essential oils have been diluted in a carrier oil, the shelf-life reduces dramatically. For maximum benefit use freshly made-up blends. A blend will keep for about three to six months if it is stored in an amber-coloured bottle in a cool place away from sunlight. If wheatgerm oil is added then the shelf-life is approximately six to nine months. Also, the essential oils reference guide tells us that if the smell alters and the vegetable oil becomes rancid then you should definitely discard it.

Essential oils reference guide to dos and don’ts of buying and storage

  1. Clear glass or plastic bottles do not contain pure essential oils. Always buy oils in amber-coloured bottles.
  2. How old are the essential oils? When were they bottled?
  3. Are the oils in direct sunlight?
  4. Are the essential oils all the same price? If they are, then you are definitely not purchasing pure essential oils. For instance, pure essential oil of rose will be far more expensive then lavender or rosemary.
  5. Have the essential oils been diluted with any carrier oils? If so, when were they blended?
  6. Have the essential oils been adulterated with synthetic materials or bulking agents?
  7. Does the aromatherapy trader deal mostly with the perfume and food industries? Always look for an aromatherapy specialist.
  8. Does your supplier know about the essential oils?
  9. If blends are being sold, is there a qualified aromatherapist on the staff?
  10. Has the supplier been recommended to you?
  11. How long has the aromatherapy firm been established?
  12. Essential oils should always be kept away from young children. If they are taken internally some essential oils can be highly dangerous.
  13. Never leave bottled pure essential oils standing on plastic, polished or painted surfaces which can be damaged by the chemical constituents.
  14. Always store essential oils away from the naked flame.
  15. Store essential oils away from your homoeopathic medications which may be antidoted by the more powerful aromas.
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Quick reference guide for using essential oils

What are Doterra lime oil uses and benefits?

Cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes, Doterra lime oil is refreshing and energizing in both your aroma and taste.

Limes are frequently used in entrees and beverages for their fresh, citrus flavor. In the 18th century, British sailors drank lime juice daily to prevent scurvy while at sea, thus giving British seamen the nickname “Limeys.”

Primary benefits of lime essential oil:

  • A powerful antioxidant that supports healthy immune function.
  • Positively affects mood with stimulating and refreshing properties.
  • Used as an aromatic, topical, and internal cleaner.
  • Promotes emotional balance and well-being.

Doterra lime essential oil uses:

  • Diffuse to cleanse the air and uplift your mood.
  • Put some Lime on a cotton pad to help remove grease spots and sticker residue.
  • Add a drop of Lime to your drinking water for enhanced flavor and antioxidants.
  • Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser or shampoo for added cleansing properties.
  • Add 1-2 drops to help keep fruits from turning brown.
  • Don’t have a fresh lime lying around the house when you need it? No problem! Just add Doterra lime oil to your favorite recipes when they call for lime juice. You don’t need very much. Start with 1 drop and then add more as needed. Try the benefits of lime Oil instead of lime juice the next time you make salsa or guacamole.
  • Rub your tarnished silver with Doterra lime oil to restore its beauty.

Tips from our Fans:

  • “Pour honey and Lime essential oils over fruit! So delicious!” – Melonie Bitsoi Larsen
  • “I love to put Lime in my beans when I am cooking. I also enjoy diffusing Lime and Cypress together. Smells so yummy!” – Ashtin Appel Hart
  • “I add Doterra lime oil to water. I gave up soda a while ago, but my family is not all on board yet. Sometimes I mix Lime, Lemon, and Orange together in a large pitcher with ice, and they can’t resist! Also, if you drink cranberry juice, add a drop of Lime … prepare to be AMAZED!!!” – Dacia Randall
  • “I like to diffuse it with Wild Orange—smells fantastic and boosts my mood every time!” – Kristi Hotton
  • “Add it with Lavender essential oil and coconut oil for an uplifting, yet relaxing massage blend.” – Tracy Arnold
  • “I diffuse Breathe and Lime every night to [help my respiratory system]. Also great in Coconut Macaroon cookies! YUM!” – Pam Butler
  • “I put a small amount of Lime and cilantro in good Greek yogurt to make a dip for veggies.” – Teresa Gray

The buying benefits of lime essential oil?

With its sharp, citrus smell, the benefits of lime essential oil added to your favorites are just great! Lime’s stimulating and refreshing properties can affect mood, as well as being a powerful aromatic, topical and internal cleanser. Lime is also popular for use on joints and for seasonal bugs. For aromatic, topical, or dietary use.

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Is there benefits of using essential oils for yoga?


Yoga practitioners are often also very interested in natural health, natural medicines and yoga essential oils for meditation

Starting yoga at homeUse of essential oils for yoga as healing tools is considered an entire branch of natural medicine unto itself, and essential oils for yoga offers the yoga practitioner an incredible diversity of both practical and esoteric health effects. In part one of this article, we looked at using essential oils for healing injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Here, we’ll investigate the use of essential oils for immune support, as well as a little detoxification, for the yoga practitioner.

Attending yoga classes regularly during the Winter are more than likely to find their yoga essential oils Mat next to someone with a cold. Those with a family will probably have children coming home with the latest something that’s going around. And as traveling to retreats and workshops becomes more popular, they’re bound to need a little immune boost from the trials of traveling. yoga essential oils for meditation or yoga are actually part of a plant’s immune system, and just happen to be very compatible with our own biochemistry. They immunize our cells, stimulate immune function, and directly eradicate both bacteria and viruses — all while being easily employed in our daily routines.

Using a diffuser with essential oils for yoga

For potent cold and flu prevention, essential oils can be either inhaled, topically applied, or both. The most effective means of all would be to have a diffuser running while you are starting yoga at home, with anti-microbial, immune-supportive oils. Run the diffuser on a timer (5-10 minutes every hour) or continuously on its lowest setting, all the hours you and your family are at home. Inhalation of certain essential oils (narrow-leaf eucalyptus, for example) has been scientifically validated to step up the activity of immune cells in your bloodstream, and essential oils for yoga vapor has been proven to eradicate microbes both in the air and on surfaces in the same space. You can imagine that these activities can synergies for profound protection from colds and flu.

Essential oils for yogaWhen using a diffuser isn’t practical, or you want to supplement diffuser use, apply oils topically as well. This can be as simple as applying a couple drops to each wrist, rubbing them together, then rubbing them on your neck and chest. Do this a few times a day. Essential oils are rapidly absorbed through the skin, and will be distributed throughout your bloodstream in this way. If you’d do even more, massage your feet and/or use the oils in a bath. Please note: while many people have no problem with using a few drops of essential oil undiluted in this manner, some with more sensitive skin will absolutely need to dilute the oils in a carrier. Also, be sure to avoid topical application of “hot” oils such as cinnamon or oregano — they’re not really the best for our purposes anyway.

Out of the 100 or so essential oils for yoga commonly in use today, which will offer you the most support? Research and wisdom points to a particular few: laurel leaf, pine needle, melissa, eucalyptus and lavender. Combining these oils can produce a potent, wonderful smelling synergy of protection from infectious illness. You can use equal parts of all if you like; if you find the melissa to be cost-prohibitive, simply use about 1/10th as much as the others — even a few drops of it can help boost the formula’s efficacy.

For additional support in essential oils for yoga

Yoga essential oilsConsider using a little lemon essential oil in your water. Lemon has excellent purifying properties, both for the water and our bodies. One can add 5 or so drops of your preferred yoga massage oil to each quart of water and drink throughout the day, or do an “intensive” and have this same amount of essential oil in a cup of water first thing in the morning. This can synergies with the other immune supportive practices for a greater overall amount of protection from infectious illness.

On a more esoteric level, some therapists regard frankincense oil as the greatest of the immune system stimulants. Not from the direct-action standpoint of other oils discussed here, but from a holistic one: it’s use can balance the mind-body-spirit complex, enhancing the function of all our bodily systems. Consider ways to get a little frankincense oil integrated in your life — wear a little as a natural perfume, or diffuse a small amount every now and then (it’s quite potent, and a little goes a long way).

Starting yoga at home with essential oils

This quick overview of using essential oils for immune support can give the yoga practitioner some excellent ideas. If one or more of these feels right for you, you might consider investigating a little further — there’s lots of information available for this particular application of aromatherapy. And consider sharing with your essential oils for yoga with your family, as it’s a wonderful thing to share health and vibrancy with fellow practitioners!

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How to become an aromatherapist from online courses

Through aromatherapy courses online people are able gain information and benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy courses onlineAromatherapy is a completely natural process and has proved itself as the best alternate medication process for physical as well as mental problems. As the name indicates, aromatherapy treats through the aroma which comes out of natural oils or natural extracts of various plants. Aromatherapy benefits the body and mind in multiple ways. It works far faster and better than pills and its effect last for quite long. Today spas and body aromatherapy is among the most highly demanded services at spas and body treatment centers but interestingly, it is something that you can learn and apply on yourself sitting at your own home. What you would need is some basic instructions and an essential oils guide.

Our aromatherapy online courses and essential oils guide

How to become an aromatherapistOur aromatherapy online courses and essential oils guide can tell you how to identify the plants rich in aromatherapy properties and how to use for aromatherapy treatments. You can download our aromatherapy courses online and essential oils guide without spending even one dollar. What you just need to do is, get connected to the net and Do essential pure oils great free aromatherapy online courses and articles. Yes, Do essential pure oils is a website structurally and functionally, but it wouldn’t be an overstatement if somebody terms it as an online aromatherapy guide or training center. Not only does Do essential pure oils provide information and guidance regarding natural plant extracts or essential oils, but about every other thing associated with aromatherapy and its application.

Do essential pure oils is an extremely content rich website and its contents include articles and blogs containing important information regarding Aromatherapy benefits, various aromatherapy tips, recipes and training videos. Besides, Do essential pure oils aromatherapy online courses and articles gives people the scope to purchase various aromatherapy products at reasonable prices. The aromatherapy recipes uploaded on the site are very easy to prepare and you can try some of those at home to enhance you skill as an amateur aromatherapist. Just arrange the ingredients that are mentioned in a recipe, follow the set of instructions and prepare an item that can give you quick relief eliminating the need of taking a pill. The recipes range from easy to complex and you can try according to your need and your level of expertise.

Watch aromatherapy online courses in video

We have many aromatherapy online courses training videos too could be highly beneficial for you. The site allows members to download these videos and all other contents free of cost and hence you could download them and follow regularly to learn the art of applying the therapy practically. Your job is simple. Just log on to the site become its member to get free access to the contents. Follow the site regularly you will learn how to become an aromatherapist expert within a short time.

More information about how to become an aromatherapist

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Get essential oils wholesale therapeutic grade online

If you want to buy 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils there is only one company that offers the highest standard in the market today

Pure therapeutic grade essential oilsOur pure therapeutic grade essential oils  are 100% pure, they do not contain artificial ingredients or filers making them the highest possible potency, as well as free from pesticides or any chemical residues. They are continually tested, carefully harvested and timely extracted, always through very experienced distillers to help maintain the potency and consistency. They maintain the highest standards for all our products, and they partner with only top manufacturing and development companies to remain certified and keep their quality reputation. 100% pure oils comes from the compounds in flowers and plants, seeds, bark, stems and roots. They do not include fatty lipids or acids like you would find in vegetable or animal oils, instead they are clean and extremely absorbent through the skin. The 100% therapeutic grade essential oils can be administered topically, or taken as a dietary supplement. The aromatic use can stimulate hormones and other metabolic processes, or can just have a calming and soothing effect. Topically, the essential oils can absorb into the skin through massage, and can work to disinfect naturally as it enters the blood stream, as well as provide a calming effect.

Essential oils wholesale therapeutic grade

You can use therapeutic grade essential oil internally for its powerful antioxidant properties or support for a healthy inflammatory response in cells. Caution should be taken internally because pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be very strong even though their properties support internal functions. Careful attention to product labels will result in the best benefits for the desired symptom. I found that the product testimonials of our pure therapeutic grade essential oils are all positive and I was amazed with the different variations of health concerns that the oils could relieve. I was also surprised with the different ways in which people were using the products, such as brushing a drop on the forehead to hand washing and cleansing cloths.

The therapeutic essential oils guide to buy or selling essential oils

Therapeutic essential oils guideI never would have thought about it before but as I researched this company and the different products, my interest grew and I could see myself or defiantly my wife buying some of them in the future. If you would like to buy something which is on the pure therapeutic grade essential oils list Click here and PM me and I will show you how to get 25% off of your order.