Is essential oils for fertility a real alternative?

Trying to have a baby is not always easy, but before you spend vast amount of money on fertility treatments try Doterra essential oils for fertility first

There are Fertility Treatments, Fertility Drugs, Fertility Diets, you name it, there’s probably a “fertility solution” attached to it!!

My point is, that sometimes it’s so overwhelming to try to fall pregnant that we somehow miss the old basics. In my wife’s case, she missed out altogether on trying essential oils for fertility, but having spoken to a few ladies who absolutely swear by Doterra essential oils for fertility, she believe that trying the natural way to boost fertility should be tried before spending money on traditional fertility treatments!

Keep in mind that when using essential oils for fertility  there are several things to keep in mind. You need to be careful about what essential oils you use. It is often best to purchase Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils  from a reliable vendor such as a Doterra wellness advocate , or even better to check with your doctor, as there are oils that are not suitable for use with some medical conditions and illnesses including pregnancy.

Here is a list of a few Essential oils for fertility:

As a base oil I would suggest organic coconut oil however grape-seed Oil, wheat germ or almond Oil can also be used. These base oils are added to the essential oils for diluting the blend.

  • Rose essential oil: An uplifting oil, can help when feeling low. It is often used to regulate the reproductive system.
  • Chamomile essential oil: Used mostly for relaxation. Can be used in burners, massage, the bath, placed under pillows, and is especially popular in soaps and toiletries.
  • Basil essential oil: While an unexpected recommendation, basil works to increase reproductive health.
  • Lavender essential oil: Relaxing and Romantic, excellent qualities for any couple under the pressure of infertility.
  • Jasmine essential oil: Relaxing and along with Lavender is thought to increase libido.

Once you have choose the essential oils you wish to use, there are 3 common methods of putting their benefits to use:

  • Direct Application, normally via massage: Be sure to mix your oils with an oil base such as organic coconut oil, grape-seed or almond oil because pure essential oils are normally too strong for direct application to the skin. Use approximately 2 drops of essential oil to 10-12 drops of base oil. Massage is great for relaxation, helping your body to distress and also great for your relationship. Massage is a sensual way to connect with your partner, because as many of us know, trying to conceive can be a tense time.
  • In the Bath: Adding 5 to 10 drops of essential oil into a relaxing warm tub and soaking is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. If you would prefer diluting the oil in a base, use approximately 50% base and 50% essential oil.
  • Oil Burners or diffuser: Filling your home or room with the beautiful scents of many essential oils can have an amazing effect on mind and body. Many oils are thought to have relaxing and healing properties when dispersed through the air.

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