Using essential oils for hives and skin problems

You may be one of those who are prone to getting hives on a regular basis. If so, you may wish to consider using a natural remedy essential oils for hives.

Hives are normally caused by an allergic reaction to drugs or food. Your body releases chemicals that make your skin swell up in hives.

The appearance of hives is tiny red nasty bumps on your skin. After some time, hives usually go away on their own. However, your condition may become severe, especially if your immune system is low.

At this stage, most people turn to commercially available preparations, prescription medications or even allergy shots. These drug medications usually contain antihistamines and cortisone, ingredients that make them effective in controlling hives.

However, they should not be used for a long period of time as they usually result in many side effects. The alternative to conventional drug medications is to use a natural remedy to alleviate the inflammation and itch that comes with the hives.

Naturopathic doctors would recommend that what you should do first is figure out the cause of your hives even before you even begin to treat the condition. That way, you can eliminate your exposure to the allergen. For treatment, you can consider any of the following natural remedy for hives Treatment.

  • Quercetin is a plant pigment that is found in leafy green vegetables, onions, apples, and other natural foods. Quercetin acts as a natural antihistamine, which can help reduce or even completely eliminate hives in many people. Herbalists recommend taking 500 milligrams of this natural remedy for hives twice a day.
  • Sandalwood essential oils for itchy skin is especially used in Native American medicine wherein it is believed that hives are a fiery condition. These essential oils for chronic hives are well known for its calming and cooling effects. As such, many herbalists refer to Sandalwood as a sedative for the skin.
    • Simply add several drops of this essential oils for hives to a cotton ball and then apply it to the infected area every three hours.
  • Mint Oils for Itching is well known as a natural remedy with cooling effects. Mint essential oils for skin problems can be also used to soothe the irritating symptoms of hives.

How to use essential oils for skin problems

For a home remedy essential oils for hives, you can create peppermint ice cubes and place them directly onto your inflamed skin. Put 10-20 drops of  peppermint oil in enough water to make ice cubes. Next, pour it into an ice cube tray and place it in your freezer. Apply the ice cubes that are formed onto your inflamed and irritated skin. If you have any remaining peppermint ice cubes, simply save them in a labeled plastic freezer bag for future use.

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