Put the passion back into your relationship with essential oils for sex

I love Essential oils, but even more my husband and I love sexy essential oils, we have found that they have helped our love life and our marriage more than once

I use them for everything. I put them in the bath, use them as fragrances for the home as well as the body. They are the perfect ingredient for romancing the sense of smell and there are hundreds to choose from. You can mix them and create exquisite scents.

On top of the romantic effects they have, they also have mental and physical healing abilities which makes these wonderful oils even more terrific. The inhalation of the natural chemicals that are contained in sexy essential oils trigger the brain to help our emotional state and well-being.

The Egyptians first discovered essential oils for sex. They used balsamic substances with aromatic properties for medicines. Egyptian high priests used these fragrances to open their subconscious mind and increase their ability to communicate with the spiritual world. They also used Myrrh oil for embalming the deceased because of its effectiveness in preventing bacterial growth.

According to the Bible, Essential oils were used before Christ was born. Oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosemary, Hyssop and Cinnamon were used for anointing and healing the sick. They believed that these oils protected the body from disease.

I want to share with you a few particular concoctions that I know work amazingly well for getting your partner in the mood for love. You can either put these concoctions into a diffuser to spread the aroma throughout the home, mix them with a cup of bath salts and take a relaxing bath with your partner or you can mix them with 2 tsp. of a carrier oil to make it a Sexy Perfume Recipes.

Essential Oils for Sexual Stimulation Recipes

  1. The first concoction, I like to call it The Blooming Flower. You mix 2 drops of Jasmine oil, 2 drops of Rose oil, 4 drops of Sandalwood oil and 2 drops of Bergamot.
  2. The Sea Breeze. Mix 2 drops of Clary Sage oil, 2 drops of Sandalwood oil and 2 drops of Myrtle oil.
  3. The Night Sky essential oils for sex. 15 drops of Sandalwood oil mixed with 5 drops of Jasmine oil.

A list of essential oils for sex

  • Jasmine oil is a floral, exotic and warm scent. It is commonly used as an antidepressant and also has been known to relieve anxiety as well as Aromatherapy Sexual tonic.
  • Rose oil is a very strong floral but sweet scent. It is labeled as an aphrodisiac essential oils and relieves stress and tension.
  • Sandalwood oil has a sweet, delicate balsamic aroma. A very strong male aphrodisiac as they seem to not be able to resist the smell.
  • Bergamot oil is sweet and spicy and also serves it’s purpose as a cure for depression and stress.
  • Clary Sage oil is a bright and earthy scent with a subtle fruity tone. It has a warming effect throughout the body and is known for calming the nerves.
  • Myrtle oil. It has an herbal citrus scent. This oil almost sedates, it is that relaxing. Perfect for settling in for a warm and cozy night with your partner.

When you use these concoctions, you will not believe how good and sexy they smell. I guarantee you will get some romantic action once you have fully immersed in essential oils for arousal and love-making. Enjoy!

So, if you want to put the passion back into your relationship –  Click here and order some essential oils for sex or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..

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