How to cure a toothache with essential oils naturally

Nature is a vast source of medicinal options to alleviate pain, tension, stress and ailments our body suffers from including toothache home remedy

Fans of herbs and spices discover that these amazing plants and concoctions not only do wonders in our kitchen and buffet table, they also bear cures and medicinal attributes that are beneficial to men.

Alternative toothache home remedy is fast becoming popular and the most favorite and most convenient pain remedy is the use of herbal and essential oils. Most readily available in pharmacies or online for the essential oils webshop is clove oil for toothache.

Clove oil for toothache contains comes from buds of the flowers of a Clove Plant that is known to grow in Madagascar and Indonesia. Oil of clove contains Eugenol, a component that is analgesic and anti-bacterial in nature. Among the many benefits of Oil of clove, it is a very effective source of dental pain relief. Oil of Cloves for Toothache numbs the area of the affected tooth, and it can also alleviate the pain brought about by sore gums, mouth sores and mouth ulcers.

How to use clove oil for toothache pain

  • Soak a cotton ball with a few drops clove oil for toothache and apply on affected area.
  • With its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it works to prevent dental infection.
  • Clove oil for tooth pain is used as topical solution to anaesthetize
  • It is delicious and aromatic and is often used as an ingredient and flavoring to toothpastes, and even exotic food.
  • This extract should be used sparingly as this is toxic to human cells.
  • It should not be ingested or injected in sufficient quantity to avoid life-threatening complications.

Other toothache home remedy alternative

Another essential oil that can be used as an alternative home remedy is the Lemon Oil. Many years ago, Scurvy is a common and fatal disease that affects our maritime community. It is a condition that begets spongy gums, bleeding gums and loose teeth.

The sailors of the old have discovered that citrus and lemon is a fine source in alleviating toothache pain and is also good source of invigorating weary minds and bodies. Lemon Oil is also a known antiseptic as it has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. As a toothache home remedy for pain, mix 5 drops of this oil with warm water and gargle as needed.

Myrrh is also a common essential oil that can be used as an alternative treatment to toothache pain. It is mainly used to treat mouth sores; mixed 1-2 drops of this oil with water, a gargling solution to cure sores and toothache pain is at hand.

Additionally, we can also make use of tea tree oil as a home remedy to ease the pain. Soak a cotton ball with a few drops of tea tree oil and apply directly on affected area. Repeat process at least three times in a day, after meals.

There a number of home remedies, which are readily available to stop toothache pain. We need not look far, just into our cupboards and discover that toothache pain remedy is easy to create. When dental attention is not available, these essential oils offer immediate and effective cure for toothache pain. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly with a glassful of lukewarm water with a bit of rock salt so as to dislodge food particles stuck in between teeth and gum areas. If pain still persists, despite the numerous essential oils and alternative home remedies, one should have an appointment with the dentist just to check on a deeper and more pressing problem.

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