How to make face cream recipes using Doterra essential oils

Below I have put some ideas and recipes on creating your own homemade Doterra cream with essential oils, it has never been so easy

If you’ve been dreaming about having flawless skin but not spending a lot from any beauty products available in the market, then this article might help you. Mixing a Doterra cream can help your skin rejuvenate and you will also get a lot of relaxation from the aroma of the essential oils you will use in the Doterra cream.

NOTE: If you intend to make face cream recipes using Doterra essential oils, it is recommended that you use therapeutic grade essential oils like Doterra and not the cheap brands that are filled with impurities.

Doterra is a therapeutic-grade essential oils and related products company that has been around since 2008 and on the whole been relatively successful selling its products using independent wellness consultants around the global. Their main goal is to spread the word about the benefits of Doterra Oil in our daily life as a part of our regular wellness program.

In addition, Doterra wanted to provide people with a new and powerful wellness alternative creating a mainstream approach to essential oils. They wanted to source, test, and manufacture a higher quality of essential oil more pure and more potent than any other oil available on the market today. This was achieved partnering with major hospitals, doctors, scientists, and opinion leaders to provide the most compelling authentication of essential oils on the planet.

Here are the things you need when making homemade a Doterra cream with essential oils:

  • cotton wool
  • clean container
  • essential oils
  • unscented creams or cleansing milk

Here are the steps on how to make Doterra lotion for the face :

  1. When making Doterra lotion with essential oils, you need your unscented creams or cleansing milk to work as the base.
  2. Next is to combine any combination of essential oils (2 drops of essential oil for 100 ml of your cleanser).
  • Normal skin: sandalwood and rose
  • Dry skin: geranium and ylang-ylang
  • Combination skin: geranium and rose
  • Chapped skin: chamomile and jasmine
  • Sensitive skin: neroli and jasmine
  • Broken capillaries: lemon and peppermint

Make sure you clean your face day and night. Dermatologist advised to clean and remove your make up at night because this is the time when skin sheds off toxins. Make it a habit to clean your face with a mild Doterra DIY essential oil lotion cleansing creams or milk to avoid irritation.

Follow these simple routines where you will soon get great results using your homemade Doterra cream

For normal skin

  • Morning: Clean your face with a mild cleansing cream
  • Evening: Remove make up with your cleansing cream

For oily skin

  • Morning: Use your cleansing milk or cream to wash off the dirt on your face
  • Evening: First use your cleansing milk to remove the dirt and make up and then follow up with a cleansing bar

For dry skin

  • Morning: Massage your Doterra cream unto your face using your fingertips
  • Evening: Clean and wash your face using your Doterra cream

For combination skin

  • Morning: Pay extra attention to the T-zone of the face
  • Evening: Try not to overdo your cheeks when washing your face as it tend to dry out.

For sensitive skin

  • Morning: Try not to use skin washes. Buy cleansing cream for sensitive skin.
  • Evening: Wash face with a mild cleansing creams. Do not scrub your face.

These simple Doterra lotion recipes will help improve your skin texture and appearances but if you notice some allergic reactions or redness, discontinue using it and consult your dermatologist about it.

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