Is there benefits of using essential oils for yoga?


Yoga practitioners are often also very interested in natural health, natural medicines and yoga essential oils for meditation

Use of essential oils for yoga as healing tools is considered an entire branch of natural medicine unto itself, and essential oils for yoga offers the yoga practitioner an incredible diversity of both practical and esoteric health effects. In part one of this article, we looked at using essential oils for healing injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Here, we’ll investigate the use of essential oils for immune support, as well as a little detoxification, for the yoga practitioner.

Attending yoga classes regularly during the Winter are more than likely to find their yoga essential oils Mat next to someone with a cold. Those with a family will probably have children coming home with the latest something that’s going around. And as traveling to retreats and workshops becomes more popular, they’re bound to need a little immune boost from the trials of traveling. yoga essential oils for meditation or yoga are actually part of a plant’s immune system, and just happen to be very compatible with our own biochemistry. They immunize our cells, stimulate immune function, and directly eradicate both bacteria and viruses — all while being easily employed in our daily routines.

Using a diffuser with essential oils for yoga

For potent cold and flu prevention, essential oils can be either inhaled, topically applied, or both. The most effective means of all would be to have a diffuser running while you are starting yoga at home, with anti-microbial, immune-supportive oils. Run the diffuser on a timer (5-10 minutes every hour) or continuously on its lowest setting, all the hours you and your family are at home. Inhalation of certain essential oils (narrow-leaf eucalyptus, for example) has been scientifically validated to step up the activity of immune cells in your bloodstream, and essential oils for yoga vapor has been proven to eradicate microbes both in the air and on surfaces in the same space. You can imagine that these activities can synergies for profound protection from colds and flu.

When using a diffuser isn’t practical, or you want to supplement diffuser use, apply oils topically as well. This can be as simple as applying a couple drops to each wrist, rubbing them together, then rubbing them on your neck and chest. Do this a few times a day. Essential oils are rapidly absorbed through the skin, and will be distributed throughout your bloodstream in this way. If you’d do even more, massage your feet and/or use the oils in a bath. Please note: while many people have no problem with using a few drops of essential oil undiluted in this manner, some with more sensitive skin will absolutely need to dilute the oils in a carrier. Also, be sure to avoid topical application of “hot” oils such as cinnamon or oregano — they’re not really the best for our purposes anyway.

Out of the 100 or so essential oils for yoga commonly in use today, which will offer you the most support? Research and wisdom points to a particular few: laurel leaf, pine needle, melissa, eucalyptus and lavender. Combining these oils can produce a potent, wonderful smelling synergy of protection from infectious illness. You can use equal parts of all if you like; if you find the melissa to be cost-prohibitive, simply use about 1/10th as much as the others — even a few drops of it can help boost the formula’s efficacy.

For additional support in essential oils for yoga

Consider using a little lemon essential oil in your water. Lemon has excellent purifying properties, both for the water and our bodies. One can add 5 or so drops of your preferred yoga massage oil to each quart of water and drink throughout the day, or do an “intensive” and have this same amount of essential oil in a cup of water first thing in the morning. This can synergies with the other immune supportive practices for a greater overall amount of protection from infectious illness.

On a more esoteric level, some therapists regard frankincense oil as the greatest of the immune system stimulants. Not from the direct-action standpoint of other oils discussed here, but from a holistic one: it’s use can balance the mind-body-spirit complex, enhancing the function of all our bodily systems. Consider ways to get a little frankincense oil integrated in your life — wear a little as a natural perfume, or diffuse a small amount every now and then (it’s quite potent, and a little goes a long way).

Starting yoga at home with essential oils

This quick overview of using essential oils for immune support can give the yoga practitioner some excellent ideas. If one or more of these feels right for you, you might consider investigating a little further — there’s lots of information available for this particular application of aromatherapy. And consider sharing with your essential oils for yoga with your family, as it’s a wonderful thing to share health and vibrancy with fellow practitioners!

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