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The work abroad summer plan for the job hunter, summer worker and entrepreneurs guide to living the dream abroad

Living the dream is in my opinion what life is all about, so when my wife suggested last year in 2014 that we try to do exactly that I was a bit apprehensive. I had already moved countries a few times already so moving again but this time with a home business in my laptop I was a bit nervous. However, as usual she was right and I was wrong and the whole experience went really well, so I decided to write an article about how to do the home based jobs abroad thing without too much of a fuss.

In our case, we decided to make a plan which we called Summer jobs and then give ourselves a time scale that would, where we wanted to go and how much we wanted to earn. In the end we decided for our first trip we would travel to a place we already knew, not commit ourselves to one area and earn a few thousand a month.

From Summer Jobs experience to Summer jobs Plan

  • Country: Spain (We had traveled to Spain quite a few time so we knew the area and we also knew that we could return home if things when really bad)
  • Home based job: Selling and marketing essential oils as an independent wellness consultants around the global. This type of work was a good choice, because it was cheap to start and there was multiple income streams such as selling the products in small markets, directly to the public, online with the free web-shop or just online marketing.
  • Who is my boss: In the case you are your own boss, so you choose your hour, which is perfect for the jobs abroad concept
  • Where did we stay: On the south coast of the Spanish mainland (We decided not to stay in one spot for too long, we felt that the point of living the dream was to see a few places while working)
  • Where to work: Well, of course every country is different and it depends on the product, but where the tourist markets are is a good start, but regarding the web-based element there is always cafes with free WiFi or hotels that offer free WiFi or shopping centers with again free WiFi. (If you are choosing to  go to a 3rd world country WiFi may not be readily available)
  • Finances: Keep to a budget, you will have good days and bad days and you may want to chill for a few days here and there and enjoy the lifestyle. If a place we stayed had a small kitchen  we would cook there because remember even though you are abroad, you are not on holiday, you are there to make money. (Alcoholism is big problem amount expats who live abroad because they forget that they live aboard and are not on holiday abroad)

What is the next stage of jobs abroad 2016 review

The key to finding Work Abroad for the Summer or in fact any other time of the year is planning and finding the right opportunity that suits you, without a plan, you plan to fail!

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