Lemon essential oil benefits and uses review

Lemon is just one of many fruits, plants, resins, leaves and roots that can be used to give us lemon essential oil benefits.

Lemon oil is produced by one of three methods, distillation using steam, using solvents to extract the oil (usually for roots, plants and resins), while citrus based essential oils, like lemon, employ a ‘cold pressed’ method for extraction.

To illustrate how concentrated an essential oil is, a good example would be that of peppermint, which requires a gallon of highly compacted leaves to produce a miniscule ten to fifteen drops of peppermint oil. Opinions differ about which essential oils, if any, can be used externally (skin sensitivity can result) or even internally, something which also varies depending on the laws of each country.

But back to subject of lemon essential oil benefits which is recognizable by it’s tangy, clean lemon scent that smells just like freshly grated lemon peel. Importantly, to ensure it is 100% pure, it needs to be extracted from the peel of fruit that has been grown organically because any use of pesticides will corrupt the purity of the oil produced.

Uses of lemon oil

Lemon essential oil benefits and uses has the reported ability to quicken the metabolic rate and as a consequence, speed up the burning of fat, so can be an aid to those wishing to lose weight! In addition to this it is also said to quell hunger pangs almost immediately, acting similar to an appetite suppressant, so could be used to help stop individuals eating more than they actually need to!

When scientists carried out research to discover what effects the smell of aromatherapy lemon oil has, they found that it stimulates the left side of the brain, an area we use for rational thought, improving the ability to focus on tasks. In studies it was found that workers who were exposed to the scent were less than half as likely to make mistakes; the lemon was clearing and focusing the mind.

Lemon essential oil benefits

From a medicinal point of view, lemon essential oil benefits include the fact that it is a strong antibacterial agent, highly antiseptic and good for cleaning insect bites, cuts and wounds. Another lemon essential oil benefits are that it helps to purify the air, which could ideal for eradicating air-borne infections in areas where people congregate and are likely to pass germs around, such as hospitals and doctors surgeries for example. Pure aromatherapy lemon oil has the ability to disinfect any surface it is used on and, this disinfection process can last almost three weeks before re-application is required.

It is stated that lemon essential oil benefits can also strengthen the heart and can help reduce thickening of the artery walls. Because it is claimed to stimulate the body’s immune system by helping the formation of white blood cells, it could protect against colds and even flu! Most people at some point, that have suffered with a cold have used a hot lemon drink to help relieve the symptoms.

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