Is it possible to make homemade fly repellent with essential oils?

The beauty of a natural homemade fly killer with 100% pure essential oils is that its potent aroma, while suffocating to insects, does not have a harmful effect on the human body

On the contrary, the inherent healing qualities that plant oils contain give us a means to help calm red and itchy bites, by supporting the skin’s natural healing processes.

And of all botanical products, ones using high quality therapeutic essential oils offer the purest intensity of a given plant’s active properties. Holistic science experts are able to make effective formulas that remain within the safest of parameters.

And when you have a natural essential oil bug repellent for babies and general family use, then you have a product that offers genuine protection.

Of course there is a mountain of products out there that claim to be green. And even if you have your wits about you and weed out the mainstream chemical formulas boasting a token essential oil ingredient, there is still a world of difference between the best and the worst of the truly plant based offerings.

The very best botanical ingredients can only come from plants that have been grown, harvested and processed with strict organic integrity.

Because 100% pure essential oils have a unique potency and vibrancy that resonates with the body’s natural vitality and contain no impurities to undermine the fundamental protection of holistic wellbeing.

Natural essential oil bug repellent with a pedigree such as this offers peace of body and mind, as well as optimum protection and rescue from itchy bites.

And because pure essential oils are so versatile, the end product makes the best insect repellent in practical terms too. A light spray solution can be easily applied on skin and over clothes to offer an instant bug shield – probably the quickest and most convenient way to deal effectively with fidgety children.

Or the original formula in the concentrated form of pure essential oils can be kept to hand and added to sunscreen or moisturizer as required. This option makes it especially convenient for making an homemade fly killer for babies as you need never defect from your own trusted baby cream or oil. A pure blend is of course perfect also for diffusion and thus we have the means to create a safe bug free zone.

Talking of versatility, there are some amazing family-friendly therapeutic essential oils that stand alone as household staples due to the range of uses they offer.

With a single oil you can ease the sting of bites, soothe a colicky tummy, support relaxing sleep, gently clean a scrape, and have a rescue response to hand when feeling overwhelmed. The truth is that the range of possibilities for healing and restoration with pure essential oils is as extensive as the demand for effective natural responses may be.

Where to buy the ingredients to make your own homemade fly repellent?

Finding the best essential oil bug repellent for true family protection may well change the way you look at family healthcare forever.

Essential oils are a holistic science expert offering a pioneering range of safe and effective therapeutic grade essential oils… products that resonate with purity and integrity, in harmony with nature.

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