Best essential oils for health from Doterra

This article will show three of the best essential oils for health such as inhaling, massaging or bathing to get all the benefits during the healing properties.

Here are 3 of the best essential oils for health and wellness

Doterra wild orange uses:

  1. Doterra wild orange usesDiarrhea: Blend in carrier oil and massage gently into the abdomen to relieve spasms.
  2. Depression: The best essential oils for health in orange essential oils cheering oil. Try inhaling, or add a few drops to your bathwater.
  3. Sensitive skin, high color: Blend in carrier oil and use to massage the affected area. Or, add a few drops to a bottle of orange flower water and use as a skin tonic.
  4. Shock, fear: Inhale neat oil.

Lemon essential oil is helpful for:

  1. Fluid retention: Add to the bath, or mix with carrier oil for massage.
  2. Memory: Inhale neat oil
  3. Stress: Use in carrier oil for massage, or in the bath.
  4. Spotty or irritated skin: Mix with carrier oil and use on the affected areas.

Doterra ylang ylang uses:

Doterra ylang ylang usesThe healing Ylang Ylang essential oil uses are obtained from the flower by steam distillation. This is used by the perfume industry as it has a lovely, exotic floral fragrance. It has a relaxing, sedative effect and is a pleasant oil to use in a burner to scent your home. It is said to have aphrodisiac powers!

  1. Depression and nervous tension: Use in a burner, the bath or for massage.
  2. High blood pressure: Doterra ylang ylang uses are calming and can help to relieve high blood pressure. Use regularly in carrier oil for massage or in the bath.
  3. Insomnia: Put a few drops on your pillow, use in the bath or a burner.
  4. Panic, fear: Inhale neat oil.
  5. Spotty skin: Use in carrier oil or dilute in water and use as a skin tonic.

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