The natural way to use Doterra essential oils for detox

People who have had the treatment with Doterra detox oils report that it is like being comforted or returning to the womb

Aromatherapy uses plant-extracted essential oils. Many people wrongly believe that it is simply nice-smelling massage. In fact, aromatherapy is much, much more than this. It can become an essential part of your everyday life and, more specifically, an essential part of any Detox essential oils detox program, arguably one of the best Doterra detox oils is Lemon essential oil.

Doterra detox oils are absorbed into our bodies via the skin or the olfactory system (inhalation). The skin is a semi-permeable membrane and the transfer of the essential oil molecules through the skin into the bloodstream means that the effects can begin as soon as the oils are applied to the skin. They will continue as long as the oils are on the surface of the flesh.

Once in the bloodstream, the molecules will travel to the brain and trigger the necessary functions relevant to the specific Doterra detox oil used. (Initial doubt as to whether substances can be absorbed through the skin has been eliminated by the introduction of ‘patches’ for many conditions by the medical industry.)

When we inhale the Doterra detox oils fragrance the molecules travel inside the nostrils and reach the brain through the thin membranes in the nasal passages and the olfactory system.

Inhaling the oils in a Doterra detox bath is the quickest way to benefit from them. During an aromatherapy massage treatment the client is required to lie on a massage couch, either naked or in their underwear, covered in towels or blankets. The room should be warm and the practitioner should have a calm, relaxing approach. The treatment will usually last about an hour. You may feel drowsy after the session but a glass of water will soon remedy this.

How To Detox Your Body Naturally with Doterra detox oils

Colon cleansing is gaining a lot of credibility of late, as more and more people look to enhance their health and rejuvenate their bodies. A natural colon essential oils for cleansing products can help your body eliminate toxins and refresh your colon, and is a perfect companion to a healthy detox diet.

Natural Body Detox Tips – LaStone Therapy

LaStone therapy is a relatively new treatment, which is being used more and more as part of a body detox program, which based on extremely old foundations. LaStone therapy is massage using heated basalt stones and frozen marble stones. The treatment was invented by a lady called Mary Hannigan, in Tucson, Arizona. It combines thermotherapy (use of hot and cold) with spiritual and energy work, and leaves the client feeling balanced, grounded, renewed and positive.

The treatment itself is similar to massage and aromatherapy. You lie on a couch, covered in towels, and the practitioner uses long and short massage strokes to work over the body. However, in this case, the therapist has a hot or cold stone in their hand throughout the treatment.

Doterra essential oils for detox as a treatment

Doterra essential oils for detox can be incorporated into the treatment. Alternatively, the therapist will simply use a base oil to help the stones work across the flesh. People who have had the treatment report that it is like being comforted or returning to the womb. The small stones feel like lots of little hot-water bottles being tucked in against the skin, and the cool stones are refreshing and invigorating. It’s a treatment that’s really worth trying if you get the chance.

How to buy Doterra detox oil

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