What is Doterra tea tree oil used for in the 21 century?

Doterra Tea Tree or Doterra melaleuca uses span the passage of time starting in Australia as an antiseptic to treat various types of infection.

Tea tree / Doterra melaleuca uses  go back to the times of the Australia aborigines whom crushed the leaves of this species of Melaleuca family of trees to treat infected wounds. It was often used in the Second World War to treat infections. The oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant using steam or water distillation.

What is Doterra tea tree oil used for today?

It not only combats bacterial problems such as strep throat but it also has anti fungal and anti viral properties as well. In the old days when antibiotics didn’t exist, people would use tea tree oil to help fight against colds and flu. It is a treatment that still works today. You just add a couple of drops of the oil to hot water and inhale the steam. Steaming works by opening the pores and then the Doterra tea tree oil will fight the source of the infection be it bacterial or viral. Do take care not to burn yourself though.

The oil from the Doterra tea tree oil is very effective in treating fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or ringworm. It also works well when used to treat acne although you have to be careful not to apply the oil direct to the skin as it can result in an allergic reaction. It is much kinder and more effective to add a few drops of the tea tree oil to carrier oil and then apply the resulting preparation to your face. Alternatively you can buy prepackaged formulas made from these natural ingredients to help treat an outbreak of zits.

The oil made from the leaves of this tree is not toxic so can be safely used for the treatment of genital infections such as warts, herpes and thrush. You can safely use it in the bath for home treatments.  It is also an active ingredient in many commercially prepared products used to treat these conditions.

Doterra melaleuca uses are so vast that every home should have a bottle of this oil in the medical chest. It can be applied neat to stings from insects or plants. If you or your partner suffers from bad breath, you can try gargling with a mixture of oil, water and alcohol. It may not taste great but it will reduce the effects of your halitosis.

If you are going to use this oil, you should apply a small bit to your skin first to ensure that you are not allergic. Most people will not be sensitive but there is always the minority that could experience a reaction. Remember that just because something is a natural product, it doesn’t mean that it cannot cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Tea tree / Doterra melaleuca uses as a antiseptic with oils such as lavender or lemon to improve the smell. On its own it has a strong spicy smell which may not be attractive. A lot of skin care companies will use this oil in their preparations such as for anti dandruff shampoos but they usually will add some perfumes to hide the smell of the tea tree oil.

A list of Tea Tree or pure Doterra melaleuca uses

  1. Fungicide and antiseptic: You can use the oil on small cuts and abrasions, as well as to cure athlete’s foot, cold sores,  even nail infections, among many others. For combating lice, Doterra melaleuca essential oils is a very effective alternative than the more traditional method which tend to be quite toxic.
  2. Controlling mold growth: It helps to control the growth of mold. It is naturally a cleaner and has solvent properties. Mold is extremely hazardous to the health but is a problem due to water damage, damp and high humidity problems.
  3. Consumer items: many consumer items now use tea tree oil, including tree oil shampoo and conditioners, cosmetic products, soaps, toothpastes and toothpicks!
  4. A solution for cleaning: a few drops of of this essential oil and you have an excellent cleaning solution for the floors and cabinets. When using it, keep the room ventilated. One of the major benefits of melaleuca oil when cleaning is that it will leave a nice smell afterwards.
  5. An insect repellent: Tea tree / Doterra melaleuca uses can also been seen in insects repellents, whether in the home or while outside. Add a few drops to some citronella and you will have the perfect solution while hiking or camping. Add a bit to the kitchen counters and you won’t have to deal with pests.
  6. In the laundry: laundry starts to smell funky and moldy, especially after being in the dryer. Avoid that with the use of tea tree oil /when washing. You’ll soon find that they smell amazing.

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