Where can I buy lavender oil online?

It is vital when you buy lavender oil that it is only high-quality pure essential oils for optimum results

It is most unfortunate that many places where can I buy lavender oil are of poor quality and, therefore, cannot help alleviate health problems. Essential oil traders supply mostly to the perfume and food industries who are more concerned with the fragrance or flavor of an oil rather than its therapeutic effects.

These industries must always have essential oils with the same chemical formula if they are to produce the same aroma and taste consistently, so they find it necessary to ‘adulterate’ oils to replicate aromas and flavors. Price is also a major consideration. Factors such as the weather, bad harvests, the variety of the plant, the composition of the soil, the time and the method of cultivation and extraction can affect the composition of essential oils greatly and this creates difficulties for the perfume and the food industries who seek standardization.

The places where to buy lavender oil will often adulterate their oils by adding synthetic ingredients, alcohols, vegetable oil, cheap chemical constituents or low-cost essential oils. They may even substitute an entire lavender essential oil with a cheaper, similar oil for commercial grade (e.g. lavendin may be sold as lavender).

Essential oils used in aromatherapy must, of course, be as pure, natural and ‘whole’ as possible if they are to have the desired therapeutic effects. Synthetic materials which simulate the aroma and appearance of an essential oil cannot have the same therapeutic properties as an essential oil and should not be used in therapy.

Synthetic chemicals also carry the risk of harmful and unpleasant side effects, as do synthetic drugs. It is totally impossible to duplicate an essential oil in its entirety in the laboratory. Vital constituents and trace elements will inevitably be missing. It is the total of the components of an essential oil working together which produces a healing effect.

If oils are referred to as ‘nature identical’ this implies that the oil is synthetic and produced in the laboratory and is, therefore, unsuitable for aromatherapy. Synthetic oils also do not possess the ‘vital force’ or ‘life force’ of essential oils which comes from living plants. Chemicals also do not contain the ‘vibration’ of natural living plants.

Where to buy lavender oil

Since most aromatherapy suppliers buy lavender oil from importers who supply the perfume and food industries it is important to seek a supplier where you can buy lavender oil intended only for therapeutic use.

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