Do you have a fun high paying jobs?

Do you have a fun careers that pay well? Do you enjoy your job?

Unfortunately a lot of us do not! Let us have a look at the situation… Most people spend at least 8 hours every day at their jobs. That is one third of the day! Imagine many people spending one third of their days, plus possible extra time, commuting etc, doing something they do not like! And then after several years of doing that they hopefully enjoy a nice retirement.

I have heard so many stories about people who spend their entire professional life working hard, making plans for their retirement and then, when retirement comes they simply die or get sick!

One important issue to me is to live NOW! Do not put on hold living because you never know what will happen in the future. The good things you enjoy today can never be taken away from you, but things you plan to do five or ten years from now, or even tomorrow(!!) may never ever happen. You may be run over by a truck, get sick or even die! So please do not wait to enjoy life with fun high paying jobs, because it may never occur.

We need a job to support ourselves, don’t we? Well honestly we do not need a job, but we need the money, the salary, we get from the job. That does not necessarily mean that we need to stick to a boring job! There are hundreds of opportunities out there, if we just go out and look for them. There are things you do just because you like doing it. What if your job could be something like that? What if you could find  fun high paying jobs ? So start to think about what you enjoy, what things make you feel happy when doing them and relate it to fun careers that pay well. Then think why you like doing those things? Maybe it is not the thing itself that makes you happy?

Maybe you enjoy very much to sit in front of your computer. But the real reason you like it may be that you enjoy writing! So the computer is only the tool for writing. Your core desire is to write, not the computer itself. Or maybe you enjoy travelling, but the real reason you enjoy travelling may e.g. be that you want to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

So learn about yourself, learn what you like and why you like it! Imagine your dream life! What would that look like, how would your days be? Then it is time to start thinking what kind of high paying fun jobs could fulfil your wishes and dreams. Remember that your wishes and dreams are important driving forces in your life! So be sincere with your dreams and wishes; if you really believe in them they are likely to come true one way or the other!

Where to find fun careers that pay well

Your job is usually an important way to get acknowledged. It is also where you feel needed, and where you accomplish things together with other people. So your job is an important source of self esteem. If you do not like your job you are likely to look upon yourself as a lesser person than you really are!

To conclude; your work is a very important part of your life so having cool jobs that pay well is the key. Make sure it is also a fun way to spend your time, which mean your looking for fun high paying jobs!

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My name is Steven Jackson and for the last few years I have been enjoying my journey with Doterra, even though my journey has not always been simply or straight forward, it have become the experience of a life time. More details: I have had been involved with MLM and network marketing for some years so I believed in the concept of making money from home and had been enjoying a reasonable income from other companies, however I was looking for something new, something that would exist and inspire me to greater things. As an Entrepreneur, network marketer and online marketer ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and the global independence I have always desired, which allows me to choose where and how I live.

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