What is the best essential oils for nail fungus?

Tea tree essential oils for nail fungus has been one of the most popular remedy for this not so popular skin condition.

Nail fungus is one of the most detested conditions of the fingernails and toe nails; it is characterized by a thickened, yellowish and sometimes itchy condition of the skin and nails. The use of this oil to reduce the symptoms of this nail condition has worldwide acclaim. Many who have tried Tea Tree oil for fingernails have positive results and reviews for this essential oil.

What makes essential oils the best treatment for nail fungus?

The secret of tea tree oil for nail fungus is the antimicrobial properties that it has. It has properties that can act on fungus that causes this skin condition and may also contain astringent and antibacterial properties as well. Regular use of products that have this oil on such fungus can significantly reduce the unsightly appearance of discolored and malformed nails. Continuous use can totally eradicate the fungus leaving skin and nails healthy and stronger than before. Truly, these are the reasons why many trust essential oils for nail fungus treatment.

How do you use essential oils for nail fungus?

The uses for Tea Tree Oil on nails is different from one product to another. Some fungus treatment brands that contain this oil may be used as a topical remedy; it is applied directly on to skin two to three times in a day for a duration of at least three months to totally eradicate it and prevent reoccurrence. Severe nail fungus calls for more than 5 months of treatment with products with this oil. Some claim that a homeopathic treatment is the best for reducing fungus symptoms in nails. An oral spray or oral preparation of tea tree oil plus other herbs are combined to stimulate the immune system to fight fungal infection internally. Skin experts believe that severe fungus in nails calls for this type of remedy and many have witnessed positive results with this oil for nail fungus homeopathic treatments.

Are there any side effects from the treatment using tea tree oil for nail fungus?

Products that contain this oil for topical use have absolutely no side effects. Pure, undiluted tea tree oil may be irritating to skin and may cause skin redness and itching. If you have highly sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist for the ideal treatment of fungus in nails. Pregnant and breast-feeding women on the other hand must not use this oil orally for fungus.

Therefore, the ideal remedy for fungus on nails is definitely found in this oil preparations. You can find amazing products that contain this essential oil plus other natural remedy for nail fungus online. This oil is natural, effective and may be bought even without a doctor’s prescription.

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