Lavender benefits of essential oil

Pure essential lavender oil is a must have product for anyone interested in the therapeutic benefits essential oils

In the event that you’ve read regarding the therapeutic benefits of certain essential oils in the market but are unclear about which to select, then I greatly recommend that you give lavender essential oil a try. At this time you may have already read of the lavender flower and the refreshing aromatic scent that it offers.

Amazingly, even though it is most frequently used in cleansers, detergents, creams and gels and fragrances, it’s also recognized to help present relief for the body both with your mind and body.

This is the reason why you see it being used a lot in health spas and baths. It offers a soothing effect that could help slow down the activity of the nervous system that makes it much easier for you to let loose and unwind. But furthermore you’ll find numerous other possibilities that you could use French lavender oil.

In this post I am going to be showing you five uses for pure essential lavender oil

1. Lavender Oils for sleeping

As pointed out above, the plant contains a calming property which could slow up the activity of the nervous system. Because of this, applying 1 – 2 drops of the essential oil on your palms and in your pillow can certainly help you settle back and enhance the quality of one’s sleep at night.

2. Treating acne breakouts

Among the numerous lavender skin benefits includes its ability to help address skin acne as a result of its anti-bacterial property. Aromatherapists propose that you just add a few drops of the oil straight into basic cream and then use it as your moisturizing lotion.

3. Treating Cuts and Injuries

This essential oil also has germ killing qualities which can help clean up injuries and alleviate the discomfort. Just simply put on the lavender oil directly into the wounded region for a fast and scar free recovery process.

4. Healing Minor Burns

Lavender essential oil could also be utilized to relieve burns and lower the redness. Immediately after running the actual burned region straight into cold water for five minutes gently put on the oil into the area.

5. Relief from Fatigue

If you are feeling fatigued from a very hard days of work in the workplace or at the school, simply prepare a hot foot bath and add five drops of the oil in it. Immediately after preparing the mixture just soak the feet in it.

Surprisingly, the bottom of our feet are identified to be porous. Therefore by simply lavender benefits soaking the feet in a bath induced with the essential oil it’ll swiftly get through to our blood streams providing our body with a tranquilizing and revitalizing effect.

Lavender essential oil is known of being one of the more useful oils available in the market. There are a lot more that lavender oil can present us and it’s really not just limited to the tips I mentioned above.

Where to buy lavender oil

Since most aromatherapy suppliers of Pure essential lavender oil are first not always pure or even essential oil it is important to seek a trusted supplier who deals mainly with therapeutic use essential oils such as Doterra.

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